Kundalini with gong

Second Saturday of each month

2:30pm – 4:00pm

Upcoming Session: July 13

Learn the art of self-actualization. This dynamic blend of movement, sound, breathwork and meditation stimulates the energy body for greater mental clarity and physical vitality. Expand your awareness into the realm of your full potential, where the Self within the self becomes realized.

This class will include a gong session during the deep relaxation portion of the class.

An open mind is all you need to experience the joy and grace of this healing practice! Accessible to all levels & abilities. $22

Hatha Posture Clinic

Find your ‘Aha’ moment

Saturday, July 13th / 5pm-7pm

This is our monthly member event that is complimentary for our Monthly and Annual Unlimited Members. All others $25 if registered prior to July 12th, 2024 –  $30 day of event

This 2 hour clinic will provide practical advice, personal guidance and a chance to fine tune your practice on and off the mat. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner this clinic will help you break through plateaus and improve your practice through breath and asana. 

If you’re looking to enhance your connection to deeper states of consciousness through breath-work and asanas, consider attending the Hatha Yoga posture clinic with Juls Broadhead. 

Monthly Sound Bath

First Sunday of each month / 2pm-3pm

Upcoming Session: August 4th, 2024

This hour-long session will begin by practicing yin yoga poses and breathing before taking a guided journey into sound healing. Sound healing encourages the body to go into deep rest and rejuvenation for cells, organs, and muscle tissues. It brings mind, body, and spirit back to harmony and balance.  Blankets, pillows, eye masks and any comfort items you wish to bring will enhance your journey!

Cost for this session is $33.

Fall Equinox Yoga and Sound bath Event

Sunday, Sept 22nd, 2024

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Embrace the autumn at our Fall Equinox Yoga and Sound bath event! Join us for a grounding yoga session led by Chrissy Scavezze, aligning your practice with the seasonal transition. As nature gracefully shifts, immerse yourself in a serene sound bath by Lyna Saffel amid the fall ambiance. Connect with the transformative energy of the equinox and the abundance of the harvest season. All levels are invited to partake in this unique celebration of balance and gratitude. Bring your mat, embrace the crisp fall air, and let the spirit of the equinox guide you towards inner harmony and seasonal renewal. $44 ($33 early bird)