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Sound Bath & Kirtan with Kopo Magic | November 2 | 7:00-9:00pm 

Yoga Sunne Sugarhouse Alley| $20/$25 at the door  Get tickets

Bathing in vibrations of the Harp, Gong, and many other healing instruments…
In this event you will experience the healing magic of sound bath and Kirtan. Both are a form of Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion and Love…meditation through music and sound, healing the mind, body, and spirit.
Kirtan is a beautiful experience where you are invited to open your Throat Chakra and sing along to Mantras. This is a safe, healing space for all to come as they are.

Kundalini Rebirthing Workshop 

November 6 |6:00pm-8:30pm | Sugarhouse Alley

November 9 |7:00pm-9:30pm | Cottonwood Heights

$36  Get tickets

Join Siri Gian Kaur and Prakash Kaur in a Kundalini Rebirthing experience.

The idea of rebirthing is to liberate the subconscious. Every eleven years, your intelligence starts developing differently. In this particular rebirthing, we will work on cleansing the deposits created in the first eleven years of life.

Access the best possible version of yourself. Awakened, rejeuvenated, and present to your purpose.

About Yoga Sunné Specials and Events

We love using our beautiful spaces to build community and host moving, connective, and meaningful events. If you are interested in using one of our spaces, call or email with “Yoga Sunné Specials and Events” in the subject line.

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