Yoga Sunné Classes

Yoga Class Descriptions

Aligned Flow/Anusara

Generally translated to mean flowing with grace and following your heart, Anusara is an inclusive, accepting yoga style where students are encouraged to find the practice that best suits them. Weaving philosophical concepts with modern movement science (kinesiology), this class intends to improve the quality of daily life activities, including the efficiency and longevity of the physical form.

(approx 80 degrees)

Ashtanga Fusion

Ashtanga Fusion is a dynamic class based on the Ashtanga Sequence with freedom to introduce postures and practices not included in the primary series. All Ashtanga Fusion sessions include music to support the final relaxation.

Warm class

Ashtanga Vinyasa

If you are looking for some variation in your Ashtanga practice, this is a great class for you.

Keeping the guidelines intact while offering a bit more variation.

Classical, led Ashtanga primary series; this foundational Primary Series is also known as Yoga Chikitsa, which translates to “yoga therapy.” This is a series of 51 postures that is practiced sequentially following sun salutations, or Surya Namaskar A & B. With dedicated, consistent practice, this series purges toxicities and prepares the body for a deeper practice, both mental and physical. A vigorous and althletic practice, but all levels are welcome and invited!

(approx. 105 degrees)

Beyond 26 & 2

A more playful, yet challenging version of our Hot 90.  All the 26/2 postures, as well as  additional poses to help strengthen the upper body and core, and expand on your flexibility.

(approx. 105 degrees)

Candlelight Flows
Set to music and lit by candlelight which helps to allow the mind to achieve a deeper meditation. Candlelight flow is a soulful Vinyasa class that builds heat to increase flexibility and strength while attention is focused on alignment as well as the subtle energy body.


Centered Flow
Create health from the inside out by focusing on the center— breath, core, & intuition— in this gentle flow class sure to rev your system for whatever the day holds. Anchor in the present moment while building good posture, alleviating lower back pain, and strengthening the body’s ability to balance.


Chakra Flow

Yoga targets more than just the physical body. Our Chakras live within the subtle body and are responsible for elements in our consciousness such as stability, satisfaction, activation, love, expression, intuition, and enlightenment. The intention of this class is to target specific chakra centers and work toward removing blockages within them using physical asana, pranayama, meditation, and mantra. This multidimensional class will leave you overflowing with awareness and harmony.  

(Heated Class)

Core Asana

This fusion class is an exercise method combining the strength of Pilates with the flexibility of Yoga. Utilizing the inherent connection between mind and body, we can strengthen and improve our physical, emotional, and subtle body energy. Come prepared to sweat, to strengthen your core, and to activate your major muscle groups using bands, blocks, and lots of work on the mat.

(Warm Class)

Funky Flow
Funk-tional Yoga This funky flow class combines functional alignment, intelligent sequencing, mobility exercises, mindfulness and creativity. By moving in new ways you create new neural pathways and open a world of possibilities. Let’s get weird on the mat and not take ourself to seriously

(Warm Class)

Gentle Flow

Let us help you relax with this tranquil flow by candlelight. The intention of this class is to assist you in releasing the deep-rooted tensions and stress that is stored in the physical and emotional body. This class utilizes breath, slow movements and gentle stretches to release tightness and blockages in the major muscle groups and energy centers. Non-heated. Great for beginners.


Hatha Yoga

This slow, non-heated class is medicine for the modern mind. Utilizing ancient teachings, simple poses are intentionally sequenced to cultivate strength, and stability for the body and mind. Each practice is completed with pranayama (breathwork) and meditation.


Hot 60

This Salt Lake City yoga class is based on the traditional 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, but condensed down into a 60 minute format; it is designed to therapeutically work the entire body and it’s systems. All the major muscles, ligaments, and internal organs are addressed in a comprehensive and consistent manner to create and maintain optimal health and functionality.

(approx. 105 degrees)

Hot 90
The original hot yoga; this class consists of a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises designed to therapeutically work the entire body and it’s systems. All the major muscles, ligaments, and internal organs are addressed in a comprehensive and consistent manner to create and maintain optimal health and functionality.

(approx. 105 degrees)

Hot Flow
Let your breath guide you in this heated class. Flow through a sequence of postures linked together with the breath in a dynamic, rhythmic, flowing series.

(approx. 95 degrees)

Kundalini Yoga with Gong
Learn the art of self-actualization. 
This dynamic blend of movement, sound, breathwork and meditation stimulates the energy body for greater mental clarity and physical vitality. Expand your awareness into the realm of your full potential, where the Self within the self becomes realized.
This class will include a gong session during the deep relaxation portion of the class.
An open mind is all you need to experience the joy and grace of this healing practice! Accessible to all levels & abilities




Power Flow

A lively and energetic class where you will build heat and get your heart rate up as you flow from pose to pose, linking breath and movement. The intention here is to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance while also heightening mental clarity and improving well-being. Come prepared to move, sweat, have fun, and leave revitalized and ready for your day! 



Pranasana Yoga is the yoga of energy work on the Light body!

Each session involves cleansing, energizing and resetting our awareness for higher functioning.

Advanced breathwork techniques will be taught that will activate the pineal gland much like a Shamanic Journey. Session includes prayer, affirmations and energy psychology techniques that will rewire your consciousness for higher functioning.


Special instructions:

Please bring anything that will support your practice, meditation pillow/bolster, blanket.



Rise & Shine Yoga

Start the week off right with balance. This class works on gently combining movement with breath for a grounding and stabilizing effect. With this type of Hatha yoga, the body is moved slowly and deliberately into different poses that challenge your strength and flexibility, while at the same time emphasize relaxation and mindfulness. We use yoga poses and breathing techniques to simultaneously calm and energize the body, mind, and spirit. Classes are generally slower paced and is perfect for all levels of students.

Warm class


Based on the Sattva yoga practice from the Himalaya Mountains of Rishikesh, India. Sattva means purity, harmony, and balance in sanskrit.

Integrating Breath, Kriya and Asana, this practice clears the subtle energetic body as well as strengthening our physical body.

When you connect to within, you never have to go without. Find presence within the body as you stretch, breathe, heat up, and connect.




Learn how to synchronize breath with movement and energize the body while gaining greater self-awareness. Connect to your inner strength and power. A dynamic Salt Lake City yoga class with fundamental asana sequences throughout. Whether you’re looking to build strength, working to alleviate back pain, or striving to elevate your practice as a whole, this is the class for you. Enjoy a traditional Savasana at the end of practice to restore the subtle energies of the body.



A lively and energetic class where you will build heat and get your heart rate up as you flow from posture to posture, linking breath and movement. The intention here is to build strength, flexibility, and balance, while also heightening mental clarity and improving well-being. Designed for all levels of practitioners, this class will meet you where you are and help you develop your practice, but will offer you options to build onto postures for a more challenging sequence, as well.

(approx. 95 degrees)


Our Salt Lake City Yin yoga class works deeply into the body’s connective tissues; it targets our ligaments, tendons, and the fascia networks of the body. With a series of long-held, supported postures we gently stretch the body’s relatively stiff, connective tissues. When we do this the body responds by making them a little longer and little stronger.

The length of time we hold these postures also has a profound effect on our minds. Yin provides us space to reclaim the balance between body and mind as we settle in and explore our physical sensations while observing the thoughts and feelings that arise throughout the process. It is here that we can find a sense of openness and ease with all that we are.


Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga blends two  styles of yoga into one practice – bringing together the benefits of  passively holding yoga poses with  more dynamic sequences and standing postures. Yin and Yang are  the Taoist concepts which describe  the two relative qualities present in  everything. Yin is more internal, passive, cooling and downward. Yang  is more external, dynamic, warming and upward.

Helps with balancing energy, flexibility and  strength


Yoga Nidra

Samadhi is the ultimate goal of Yoga. Effortless transcendance as we journey through Patanjali’s 8 Fold Path and the Koshas…..or layers of our being to arrive in a state of peace.

Some benefits may include:Increased Creativity; Energy and Vitality; Inner Peace and Calm;

Focus and Concentration; Intuition and Self Awareness; Emotional and Mental Balance.