Yoga Sunné Classes

Class Descriptions

Hot 90

This heated class consists of a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises designed to therapeutically work the entire body and its systems.  Every major muscle, bone, joint, organ is intentionally addressed.

Hot 60

The Hot 90 class condensed into a 60-minute format.

Hot Flow

A flow of postures linked together with the breath in a dynamic, rhythmic, flowing series. Practiced in the heat.

Restore 60

This 60-minute class is a non-heated, gentle, therapeutic series perfect after a long day of skiing, biking, or work.

Yin 60

This  60-minute non-heated class works deeper into our body. It targets our connective tissues, ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body.


A 60 minute, non-heated, slow-moving class. Students will learn how to synchronize the breath and energize the body while gaining greater self-awareness. Excellent for calming the nervous system and stretching the body.


This class starts with a 40-minute flow series, followed by 40 minutes of Yin, for a balanced practice. Ends with a relaxing 10-minute savasana.


This class will take you through a series of specific breathing exercises, using mantras, mudras and eye focus. All levels are welcome, no prior meditation experience needed. Example meditations: reduce anxiety and stress, clear your chakras, release addictions, increase energy, improve health…to name a few. Each class will be in tune with the energy and the astrology of the month.

Awaken The Wild Flow

A warm flow to live music, played by Awaken The Wild! Let your breath guide you. A flow of postures linked together with the breath in a dynamic, rhythmic, flowing series.


The fusion of yoga and Pilates, an exercise method combining the strength of Pilates and the flexibility of yoga. This class integrates yoga and Pilates using a mind-body connection for improved physical, emotional and subtle body energy. 45/60 minute class, heated to 95 degrees.

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