Beyond Limits: Bali Retreat

Beyond Routine, Beyond Boundaries, Beyond Imagination – October 21-27

Our mission is to co-create sanctuary for transformation and self-realization, acknowledging the interconnectedness of all. Yoga Sunné


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Sweat, Heal, Thrive

Let go of expectations and fear. No matter where you’re starting from physically, it takes the vast majority of us a few classes to adjust.


Awareness of one’s self in every moment, true self-mastery. The breath brings you back to your practice. Transmute and Transform.


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Yoga and Intention

At the beginning of each class, we invite you to set an intention for your practice and your day. Intention setting helps us recognize and value who we are in this moment, what we want to cultivate, and where we want to put our energies.

Setting an intention requires a focus of emotional energy that uncovers clarity, purpose, and a deep sense of feeling grounded both on and off the mat. It can also help us feel the profound interconnectedness we share with all other life, reminding us that we are all reaching and striving and growing and changing together. What a beautiful thing that is!

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