Solar Panel Crowdfunding (unpublished)

Hot Yoga uses a lot of energy!  Keeping a practice room at 105 degrees and 40% humidity is energy-intensive, even in the summer months.  As a long-time practitioner, and an environmentalist, I was never quite comfortable with the carbon footprint that I was leaving as I practiced hot Bikram yoga.  Our mission statement is “to co-crete Sanctuary for transformation and self-realization while acknowledging the interconnectedness of all.”  We acknowledge that we are inseparably interdependent on the earth and her resources.  Our studio culture agreement calls for practicing sustainability whenever possible.
Our commitment to sustainability and interdepence will include us installing a 20 kW solar panel array that will cover approximately 50% of our electricity consumption.  We are funding this installation largely through funds raised through the greater community, as we acknowledge that all of us are in this same boat together, and we all are responsible for our air quality and carbon footprint.
To contribute to the community-funded please visit the studio.
Thank you in advance for your contribution, no matter how big or small.  We are on the way to community-funded solutions!