Yoga for Balance I’ve been practicing yoga since 2004. Before developing a practice I experienced sciatic pain on a daily basis—so severely that I walked with a limp. I also suffered from acute depression, which took its toll on nearly every aspect of my life. I was prescribed antidepressants to help me sleep, which depressed me even more, as I proceeded to gain over thirty pounds over a one-year period.

Now, because of my practice, I rarely feel any sciatic pain and sleep soundly at night. Every aspect of my life has improved since I began practicing yoga. And not only did I lose that thirty pounds, but I look and feel better than I ever thought possible—inside and out.

Of course, everyone is different, and I’m not promising that yoga will bring you down to five percent body fat, or that you’ll be able to touch your forehead to your shins. (I couldn’t even touch my toes when I first started.) What I can promise is that if you do even a few of the simple poses I can teach you, you will notice improvements in your energy levels, your posture, and awareness.

Yoga (which essentially means “to unite”) enabled me to end the battle between my thoughts, feelings, and body, and balance them all into one. And I’d like to join you on your path to discovering your true self.

You can learn more from Micah at yogawithmicah.com.