Become part of the Yoga Sunné tribe with a Salt Lake City yoga membership, and experience the physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation that comes with a regular yoga practice in our sanctuary. Learn more about our rates, deals and pricing below!

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$99 Unlimited Monthly Membership*

Subscribe to an Unlimited Monthly Yoga Membership in Salt Lake City for just $99 per month.  *Receive 50% off your first month at initial enrollment, minimum 6mo commitment. Your first month is only $49.50!
Looking to experience the benefits of practicing three or more times a week? This is the membership for you!

Flex Pass Monthly Memberships

Need a little more flexibility in your practice? We’ve got you covered with our Flexpass Membership options:

Memberships Include

  • A safe place to practice (heated & non-heated)
  • The most diverse selection of classes in the valley.
  • Convenient locations that have been thoughtfully designed to provide sanctuary and a well-rounded yoga experience.
  • The benefits of infrared heating, CO2 monitoring, and automized air circulation at our Cottonwood Heights location.
  • Personalized guidance from caring, experienced instructors who meet you where you are and help you develop and deepen your practice.
  • Welcoming, knowledgeable staff to help you connect with the best classes and instructors for you.