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OAyurvedic Consultations

An Ayurvedic consultation in Salt Lake City is a process of discovery for the practitioner and the patient, and is a foundation of our Ayurvedic services. Many aspects of your current and past histories will be reviewed in order to understand your individual constitution, and what tendencies may arise from it. We will discuss and explore things like lifestyle practices, diet, medical history, etc. and use this knowledge to help bring you back into balance with nature and ultimately, with yourself.

Learn your elemental constitution through the lens of the Doshas, and take home practical tools that will support you for years to come. Our Salt Lake City Ayurvedic consultations include a pulse diagnosis, tongue examination, dietary guidelines, product recommendation, and an herbal protocol, as needed.

Packages & Pricing

Experience personalized Ayurvedic consulting and counseling at our Salt Lake City yoga studio. Learn your elemental constitution as it presents in your body, mind, and spiritual body. Get a new perspective on your health by understanding the root cause of illness and disease, and how to heal with your own power. Receive easy to follow, adaptable tools to live in optimal balance and harmony with your surroundings. Each client will receive customized recommendations (lifestyle, dietary, herbal, sadhana, yoga) as well as a detailed Ayurvedic write-up.

Single Ayurvedic Consultations

30 minutes  – $60
60 minutes  – $108

Ayurvedic Consultation packs (60 minutes each)

3-pack    – $290
6-pack    – $560
9-pack    – $820
12-pack  – $1030*

*Add a 12-pack of Ayurvedic consultations to your Yoga Sunné annual membership for $950 upon purchase.

Three and six packs expire after one year. Nine and twelve packs expire after two years. 

Chakra Basti Therapies

The Chakra Basti Therapy, available in Salt Lake City, is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that balances the flow of energy through the chakras. The word Chakra means wheel or disk, and refers to the energetic pools that live within the body. A medicated oil is formulated for specific chakras to balance the flow of energy through the body, and then poured carefully into a hand molded container over a specific chakra center.

This is a treatment for the subtle body that involves a lot on intention from both practitioner and client. Our Salt Lake City area Chakra Basti Therapy helps dissolve blockages and promote the free movement of Prana throughout the body. When done regularly, bastis help release energetic knots, freeing the mind and improving the overall function and flow of the energetic body.

All Bastis include an herbal svedana steam tent treatment along with appropriate Ayurvedic or Astrological consulting.
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Payment plans are available for Ayurvedic services.
Please call or email for details:
(801) 448-2208 info@yogasunne.com