Meet our Ayurvedic Practitioners

Maintaining a consistent practice is the most optimal way to sustain total wellness. Set up monthly Ayurvedic appointments in Salt Lake City with our counselors and practitioners to harmoniously flow through the seasons and effortlessly integrate Ayurvedic principles into your life. Receive seasonal dietary, lifestyle, and herbal updates, pulse readings, tongue diagnosis, and cultivate a lasting relationship with your health.

This is a perfect addition to your yoga practice. Fortunately, we have several Ayurvedic Counselors and Practitioners in Salt Lake City available to help you along your journey.

                            Micha’ela Hori
Micha’ela graduated from the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she studied closely under the care of her teacher, Dr. Vasant Lad, and explored the depths of the philosophies and sciences that support Ayurveda. Micha’ela also trained in
Mysore, India to receive her 500 hr RYT in Ashtanga Yoga and has been teaching yoga for 5 years now.

Micha’ela has dedicated herself to the practice of awareness through these Vedic principles and has expanded her practice so that others can mutually benefit. Her love of teaching has led her to offer multiple workshops, seminars, and teacher trainings about many of the different values these ancient practices have to offer.

Micha’ela leads a monthly class about Ayurveda at our Cottonwood Heights studio and shares informative videos on Instagram.

“The art of healing begins with the Self, and Ayurveda is the science of that relationship. You must understand your own body, mind, and spirit in order to know how to heal it.”

                             Timothy Lewis
Timothy received his training through the California College of Ayurveda. Since then, he has continued to practice the art of Ayurveda for almost 10 years and has expanded his practice to help others who wish to learn and grow through these universal principles.

Timothy dedicated the majority of his career life in therapeutic settings. Starting off as a Wilderness Therapy leader, working with troubled teens in the beautiful Utah landscape. It was through this experience that he discovered an intense relationship with the rhythms of Nature; finding his path towards teaching Vedic studies and sharing Nature’s harmony with others.

Through studying the depths of Yoga and Ayurvedic Philosophy, Timothy discovered his love for Jyotish – Vedic Astrology, and has since combined the three areas of study to help bring total awareness and self-study to those he works with.

“It is the greatest honor in life to help another being. I hope this knowledge benefits those who seek it out for lifetimes to come, and sheds light on the healing the world needs.”

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