Hello Yoga Community!

We are so excited to welcome you back to Yoga Sunne on Monday May 18th, 2020. This has been a difficult time for all of us and we want to make the transition back into the studio as easy and safe as possible. 

Thank you in advance for cooperating with the guidelines from the State of Utah as our state is entering into the “orange/moderate” risk phase of reopening.  Provided below is a page of what you can expect of us and what we need from you in order for our business to safely resume a limited number of classes per week.

Please go over the information in this email very carefully and please contact us with any concerns or questions you may have.

We understand some people are not in a position to return to in-person classes just yet. High-risk individuals are discouraged from using facilities at this time. Therefore we will still be offering our livestream classes so you can practice from home if needed. 

It will be a pleasure to see all the familiar faces of our yoga family and your patience is appreciated during this unprecedented time. Things are rapidly changing and the pandemic isn’t over yet. Therefore, the Yoga Sunne community will be taking all necessary steps and precautions to get us back to “normal” as soon as possible. 

We are so thrilled to invite you back to the Cottonwood Heights location of Yoga Sunne!

As we begin the transition to classes in the studio, It is highly recommended that you sign up online to reserve your space as there is a high demand and a limited amount of spots.  We are following all guidelines for re-opening under the orange/moderate risk phase as recommended by Salt Lake County and the State of Utah. All guidelines will be posted inside the studio lobby.

A log of every individual entering the building must be available for inspection by the state health department. All employees and patrons must sign a waiver and complete a symptoms checklist before every class, including temperature screening. 

Yoga Sunne staff must be wearing protective gear including face covering, masks and gloves when checking temperatures. Patrons are encouraged to wear face coverings whenever possible. 

We sincerely are grateful for everyone being willing to follow the list of expectations so that we may all enjoy the studio sanctuary that we all miss and love.  

Complete waiver, checklist and temperature screening. 

Class sizes will be limited to ten people per class in order to maintain the required 10 feet of social distancing in a fitness setting.

Staff must disinfect all equipment, touch surfaces, bathrooms, floor etc. after each class. 

No sign-in sheets, touch-pads, or touch surfaces required for entry (with the exception of signing the waiver with a disinfected pen).

Students must bring their own mat, water, towel and other items. We will not be renting out any props at this time. 

Male/female restrooms are available for use: however lockers, cubbies and showers are not permitted and will be closed during this time. 

If you are sick, please kindly stay home. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

**Please be aware that anyone with a fever over 100.4 Fahrenheit, cough, trouble breathing, sore throat, sudden change in taste or smell, muscle aches, travel, sickness in the home or exposure to the virus will not be permitted to use the studio **