Yoga Changed my Life and made me Healthy


My name is Rahn Miralles, and I have struggled to reach a healthy weight my entire life. I have tried everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) to lose weight: special diets, doctors, weight loss prescriptions, personal trainers, people to come to my home to cook special healthy meals and even a lap band surgery. I would see some results, but the results were never long-lasting. Then, in 2009 ago, my then wife decided she wanted to try yoga at our local studio. I went along just to be supportive, and after my first week I found that I was hooked!


I practice yoga for a healthy and happy life.

Becoming Healthy.

When I first started my hot yoga practice, it was a victory just to be able to stay in the room. As I continued to practice, I progressively found myself feeling better and more healthy. One day, I realized I was finally able to bend over to tie my shoes. I have lost over 220 lbs and kept it off. I have been able to (with my doctor’s approval) stop taking most of  the blood pressure medication I have had to take since I was 20 years old. Because I was so heavy for so long, I have arthritis and other joint issues, but my practice helps me to naturally work with that pain so that I can continue without pain killers or other medications. This yoga has allowed me to reach my goal of skiing with my son every winter (which was something I never thought I would be able to enjoy).

A way of life.Yoga has become a way of life for me. I am healthier, happier, and more content with my life. I was certified as a teacher in 2012 so that I could continue in my practice and help others who are like me. I am generally at the studio (whether teaching or practicing) and am always happy to speak with students about their practice. I look forward to seeing you in the room. NB


3 thoughts on “Yoga Changed my Life and made me Healthy

  • Hello! My name is Natalia I’m spatial designer.This is such an amazing topic to think and act on today!
    First yoga I’d start in New Zealand than Moscow….. Than Milan studio . Now I move to Maastricht/ The Netherlands and I’m very sad and stressed cos here they don’t have any bikram school in town. I’ve tried to practice at home but missing hit a lot. Maybe there is some solutions…. I don’t know……..

  • Hey. Rahman
    Have been struggling for 31/2 yrs to keep BY alive In Revelstoke BC
    Have thought about group ownership before or co op but haven’t done it
    Do you have advice for me please. I cannot afford it on my own
    Much love. Beau

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